How to Cite Our Documents

Citation Format

When citing industry documents, please use the permanent URL indicated in the record of every resource.[ID][ID]

The table below lists the Tobacco Control requirements for tobacco document citations. Other journals may require different fields and values. Please consult the specific publishing source for their specifications.

Required Elements

Lastname Initials and/or Name of Corporate Author. If no Author is indicated it is optional to either use ‘Unknown’ or to begin the reference with the Title. Maximum of three authors. If there are more than three authors, list the first three followed by ‘et al.’

The title of the document. Use the subject line of a memorandum or letter. If a document lacks a title, create one and enclose the title in square brackets.

Date of Document
Where documents indicate a specific date, the format is a numeric representation of day followed by a 3-letter month, e.g., 3 Apr

The year of the document represented as a four-digit year.

The collection in IDDL from where the document comes.

Access Date - Optional
Use the format: (Accessed 2003 Mar 7)

Sample Formats:

Author. Title. Date of Document Year. Collection. URL

Boyse S. Far East ETS Programme. 26 Jul 1991. British American Tobacco. (Accessed 2002 Oct 12).

Philip Morris (Australia) Limited. [Letter to W. Refshauge, Chairman, National Health and Medical Research Council]. 19 Oct 1967. Philip Morris.